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Catch as many bullet-bugs as you can during the night and shoot birds during the day!


We start the game during night. We have 2 minutes to catch as many bullet-bugs as possible before the dawn. Fireflies are attracted to bullet-bugs and help us catch them. During the day our goal is to shoot birds but keep in mind we are limited by the ammunition. 

We are using two swarm intelligence algorithms in this game. First one is firefly algorithm that controlls fireflies. The other one is boids algorithm for birds.


  • Use mouse to look around
  • Press [LEFT MOUSE BUTTON]  to throw / shoot
  • Hold [RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON] to zoom camera
  • Press [ESC] to go back to main menu

Created by

  • AI Programming
    • Rafał Wasiluk
    • Tomasz Piekarczyk
  • Game Programming
    • Michał Biernat
    • Kamil Waligóra
  • Assets Creation
    • Joanna Michałek - Digital Art / UI
    • Weronika Wolny - 3D Modeling  / Animating
    • Anna Hosumbek - 3D Modeling (Environment) / Level Design

Sounds are from Freesound.org licensed under CC0

This game was created in three days during our own game jam :)

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file and launch Bugs & Birds.exe file (inside unpacked folder)


bugs-and-birds-win64.zip 32 MB

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